Sunday, August 12, 2012

Works In Progress: Lamb Hat and Crocodile Clutch!

This week for me was all about trying new things. I purchased a pattern for an adorable baby lamb hat, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I also gave a try at the intimidating yet surprisingly easy crocodile stitch in a cute clutch. And of course some various other projects in the works as well.

You can find a link to the pattern underneath its picture! I hope you find some inspiration in my work this week. I've been lacking it lately, but after a few days of building my inspiration I'm back on track!

Now for the pictures (:

This granny square is for Judes owl lovey that is in the works.
I used this youtube video for the start of it since it was my first time making a granny square!

This is my beloved crocodile stitch purse in the works! The handle is going to be that pink on the left. I'm thinking about doing the back in pink and grey striped single crochets, but thinking about weaving in all those ends is making me dizzy! (;

crochet, cowl, handmade, free, pattern 
Here I am wearing a cowl I quickly made one afternoon. No pattern used, just chain however long you want it, join to make a ring, and half double crochet around until you get your desired width! Easy peasy!

the, hippy, hooker, mug, cozy, brown, multicolored

A mug cozy! I seem to just keep making these whenever I have an extra 20 minutes. They really are SO easy!

Remember this bag? Well my amazing grandmother sewed me a lining for it! It's pinned in and ready to be sewed in by me, I just haven't had the time to start it yet.

crochet, wash, cloth, dish, cloth, cotton
And last but not least, dish cloths. Or wash cloths. Or dusting rags. Or spit up rags. Can you tell I use these a lot?

I also realized I forgot to take a picture of my scrap rug I've been working on, but that's okay because I plan on making a whole new post for that (: 
Keep an eye out for the Lamb Hat, Cowl, and Mug Cozy in my Etsy Shop. If you haven't yet, you should check it out! I add new listings weekly and love to work on custom orders!

I hope you guys enjoy all the free patterns. Don't forget to share what you've been working on too!

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  1. Wow. What a productive week!

    I'm still a touch too intimidated by the crocodile stitch. I love the pink with the grey there.

    Really nice job on the granny square! It looks a lot better than my first attempt. Hope this week is as productive for you. :)