Friday, August 3, 2012

Works In Progress! 7/29 - 8/4

This week I've been working on a lot of little things. As you all know my little man learned to crawl! So I've been choosing between eating, cleaning, and crocheting during his nap times (if he decides to nap). To keep myself motivated I've been working on small projects I can finish quickly and easily.

I've added the links to the patterns underneath each picture. Everything except for the cowl has a pattern. If you would like the pattern to the cowl let me know and I'll post it later on! 

A Cowl (For sale in my etsy shop HERE)

A Headband with a Flower and Vintage Button

A Basket for my Buttons

A Shopping Bag Made Out of Recyclable Plarn (Plastic Yarn) 

I hope you enjoy all the free patterns!! What have you been working on this week? Post a comment below!

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  1. A basket for your buttons? What a great idea. I think I know my next project. :)
    That cowl is super cute! I definitely think you should do up the pattern.

    1. Thank you!
      I love love love having a basket for all of my buttons! The handle is my favorite part. Super useful (;

      Looks like I have another pattern to get working on! (: