Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shell Stitch Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

Fingerless gloves have become a new trend (to me at least) since I started crocheting. They're cute, warm, and don't cover your fingers, so those of you with touch screen phones will still have access without taking your gloves off! 

This pattern is designed with simplicity in mind. It uses only the single crochet, so it's perfect even for complete beginners! I have never made any gloves before these, so I just kind of winged it on how to put them together. Let me know if there is an easier way, as I'm still a beginner myself!

Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

F hook
worsted weight yarn

Special Terms
Ch - Chain
SC - Single Crochet

Right Glove

Ch 32
Row 1: SC in second ch from hook and each ch across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2-13: Repeat row 1
Row 14: SC first SC, then *3 SC in next stitch, skip next 2 stitches.* Repeat to end of row. End with one SC in each of the last 2 stitches.
Row 15-21: Repeat row 14
Row 22 - 26: SC in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn

 ^ This is what yours should look like so far.

Move on to the assembly instructions below (:

Left Glove 

Ch 32

Row 1: SC in second ch from hook and each ch across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2-4: SC in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 5-12: SC in first stitch, *3 SC in next stitch, Skip 2 stitches* Repeat across, ending with 1 SC in last 2 stitches.
Row 13-26: SC in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn.


Bring each side (lengthwise) together, and SC them together the long way until you reach the base of your thumb. Turn it right side out (the seam is on the inside) and try on your glove. It should look a little something like this.

Turn it back inside out. Now we will make the thumb hole.
SC down the side closest to you (leaving the other unworked). When you get to the end, join the other side with a slip stitch, creating a hole for your thumb. It might help if you try on the glove as you go, making sure it fits snugly around your hand.

Now working along the top edge of the cuff, do *3 SC, skip next 2 stitches*. repeat around to beginning of row. 
Slip stitch down to the thumb hole.
SC down the edge you didn't SC down earlier. End with a slip stitch at the bottom of the thumb hole and fasten off.

 Ta Da!! You're all done! That wasn't too bad right? I hope the pictures I provided helped some of you, I tend to be a visual learner. I hope you guys post pics of your gloves and don't forget to contact me if you have any questions about the pattern!


  1. I live in Puerto Rico, but at night, when my hubby turns on the a/c in our bedroom, my hands get really cold. So I have been knitting & crocheting fingerless gloves-a-plenty. 8-) These are cute & I love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You might want to check the number of rows between the left glove and the right one. (Right glove has 26 and the left glove has 24......might confuse a novice. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! I just updated it, so it should be all good now. I hope you enjoy! Thanks again

  3. Thank you for this great pattern. I just finished my first pair....I am keeping these for myself, but plan to make more for gifts. They are very pretty and quite simple to complete thanks to a great pattern and photos.

  4. Hi, they are beautiful! Could I do them Thanks

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