Monday, September 24, 2012

Cloud Crochet Pattern

 Are you one of the few crocheters who needs to crochet a cloud for some reason or another? Me too. Only when I googled for a pattern, I couldn't find any! So I made my own. But why do I even need to crochet a cloud in the first place?

This morning while browsing Pinterest I found an idea that seemed way too easy not to try myself. An activity board! Really it's just a bunch of wooden animals with magnets on a board, but Jude doesn't know any better. He loves it!

Well of course I can't just leave it plain like this, so I decided to start crocheting all sorts of little things to stick on there. I started with a cloud, since it seemed easiest. I think I'm going to make another one but grey, and add blue yarn hanging down to act as "rain". I'd love to crochet some shapes to put on there also. Jude loves all the new things to play with and check out!

So just in case I wasn't the only one googling how to crochet a cloud, I wrote down the pattern as I made it. If this becomes of use to anyone leave a comment telling me how you like it!

Cloud Crochet Pattern
Using an F Hook and Worsted Weight yarn

ch 5
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and remaining 3 ch
Row 2: ch 1, sc inc, sc, sc, sc inc
Row 3: ch 1, sc inc., sc in next 4 st, sc inc in last st.
Row 4-9sc in each st across for 5 rows
Row 10: ch 1, sc dec., sc in next 4, sc dec. in last 2 st.
Row 11: sc in each st across
Row 12: ch 1, sc dec, sc in next 3 st, sc dec in last 2 st.
Row 13: ch 1, sc dec twice.
ch 1, turn, *2 sc in each of the next 3 sc, sl st into next st* repeat around to end, slip stitch into first ch.

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