Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book/Laptop Bag Pattern!

I'm so excited to finally have a free pattern to share with you all, written by yours truly! This bag is great. Its super easy to make, but the 'shell stitch' makes it look fancy. (; This bag uses all simple stitches, so if you know the basics (single crochet, double crochet, chain) you should be good!

In this pattern you work in rows, then sew the bag together by folding it in half. Then you finish by crocheting the handle. Sometimes as a beginner I found it hard to work in rounds, so I seem to find this much easier than some other patterns I've come across. I hope you do too!

*This is my FIRST pattern ever! So please comment with any questions or mistakes I might have made. And forgive me if I do (:*

Worsted Weight Yarn
Size J(6mm) Crochet Hook
2 Skeins worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart and Loops & Threads Impeccable: True Grey)

Special Terms 
Ch- Chain
Sp- Space
SC- Single Crochet
DC- Double Crochet
Shell Stitch- 3 DC in space indicated

With Main Color (Blue) Ch 71 (Or the width you want your bag to be x 2)

Row 1: SC in second CH from hook and in each CH down.
Row 2: CH 3, Turn, DC In each SC down.
Row 3: CH 3, Turn, DC in same sp as ch *Sk 2 SC, Shell in next sp* Repeat between ** down the row. CH 3.
Row 4-6: Turn, DC in same sp as ch. Shell in each sp between shell in previous row. Shell in last st. CH3 Change to color B (Grey) in last stitch.
Row 7: With color B (grey) DC in each stitch down. Change to color A in last stitch.
Row 8-12: Repeat row 4. Change to color B in last stitch.
Row 13: Repeat row 7. Change to color A in last stitch.
Row 14-18: Repeat row 4. Change to color B in last stitch.
Row 19: Repeat row 7. Change to color A in last stitch.
Row 20-24: Repeat row 4. Change to color B in last stitch. Do NOT fasten off!
Your bag should measure approximately 14 inches, but DON'T freak out if it doesn't! If you chained more or less at the beginning your bag will vary in size.

Weave in your ends, then sew up the bottom and side of the bag using a long piece of yarn and a tapestry needle.


Ch1, SC around bag evenly so you have 72 SC. Join to beginning SC with a sl st. Repeat 1 more time.
Sl St 8, Chain however long you want your handle to be (just make sure you count how many so your handles are the same length!). SC into the 20th stitch from where you started your CH. SC 16, CH however long your other handle was, SC into the 20th stitch from your ch. SC to end of round. Slip stitch to first chain.
Ch1, SC around. Sl st to first SC.
Repeat previous row.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

You can repeat the last row one or two times more if you like thicker handles. Be aware if you use acrylic yarn (like i did) your bag WILL stretch. So if you're planning on lugging some heavy books around, or like me, use your bag to carry EVERYTHING, use cotton yarn. It doesn't stretch as much, so your bag will hold its shape better!

This bag is perfect for a laptop or using for books. Or, like I do, you could use it as a diaper bag! Here I am sporting the first bag I made. (Why yes, I am carrying around yarn in there!)

Don't forget to tell me what you think when you're done. I love to see finished projects! 

Keep an eye out for one of these bags in my Etsy shop. I only need one, so chances are the other will be up for grabs! 

If you have any questions at all, please ASK! I'm more than happy to help you. Enjoy the pattern!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I also have a son and whenever a have time I do some crochet for him and my family. Blessings!

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  3. I'm not sure I would use the Gray, but I guess that's a matter of choice then, isn't it. I would make it perhaps in brighter colors altogether - even changing the Main color from the varigated blues to something really bright, and then either tone down the other color or make it bright as well. Just my choice. Thanks for the pattern!

  4. I was just viewing some of your crafts and you have a very nice color scheme for so many of your crafts. I am a mother of 4 adults and 6 grandsons and I find that learning to crochet at the age of 6 has given me great patience and yet I could never read a crochet pattern until now. Thanks for posting in such easy to follow instructions!

  5. Have been trying to find pattern for one-skein market bag and no link seems to work. Help!

  6. I have a seventeen-inch wide laptop, and its really difficult to find a sleeve or case that fits it, let alone one with a shoulder-strap. How can I adapt this pattern to fit it?

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