Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Past projects (With Patterns!)

Looking for some new crochet projects to work on this summer, but don't know what to make? This past month I've been searching for projects to make in the summer, and since crocheting is mainly a winter hobby, I needed things I could make and use right now! Here are some awesome ideas!

This is really just the beginning, everything else I haven't taken pictures of, but I also have made dish cloths, pot holders, cozys for glass jars (I use them a lot around the house!), bags, even a stuffed lovey for Jude. My list of things to make this summer just keeps growing and growing, so I think you can expect a lot more cool summer crochet projects!
I've included all the patterns to all of these projects as well. Even if you're a beginner, I recommend checking out Her website is awesome, and she provides step by step tutorials of how to do each stitch, so anyone can learn!

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