Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holy Heat!

If you live anywhere near me you know that the past few days have been SO HOT (for us new Englanders anyways). I also seem to have come down with some awesome sinus headache cold thing. The good news is that since its so hot out, I've spent a lot of time inside with the A/C and my crochet stuff. Unfortunately now that I feel like crap I've put it on hold for the next day or so. Every time I try to crochet it makes my head pound, yet I find myself still picking it up multiple times a day. I'm addicted (;

So while I was on my crochet kick I finished a lot of things. A newborn owl hat, a mug cozy set, and I even crochet myself a little clutch yesterday morning (before I got hit with this sickness). Here's some pics of said projects!

These are all great ideas for summer crocheting too. It's not just a winter hobby! 

The owl hat and mug cozys can be found for sale in my shop here. My favorite has to be the clutch though. I was so excited about it that I finished it in half a day. The button just makes it all the better too. So until next time, hopefully when I blog again I'll be feeling better and have lots more to show!

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