Friday, July 26, 2013

What Can You Do With 2 Skeins Of Yarn? (Free Patterns Included!)

I'm the type of yarnaholic that buys yarn without any specific project in mind. If I see a color combo that catches my eye I'll buy it, and then on my way home I rack my brain about what I should make with it.

This time around I ended up getting a hot pink/grey combo. Pink and grey are obviously a very popular color combination, and I knew I could come up with some great things that everyone would love.

I almost had a little competition with myself to see how many cute things I could make with just 2 skeins, and trying to use up all of it. I think I did a pretty good job! And I almost can't believe what I came up with.

First I made this slouch hat. I'm not a huge hat person, so I rarely do make hats, but it's been a while and I had the urge to try something new, so I went with it! You can find the pattern here.

Then I moved on to these 2 bags that are kind of like second nature to me when it comes to making them. I put on an episode of the bachelorette and before I knew it I had them finished! I know someone out there will enjoy these cute creations. I don't have the pattern for these, but I'm thinking I'll write one up soon for the smaller bag! The bigger one is a version of this pattern except larger.

And finally I made something that I've been meaning to get around to making since we moved into our new house in May, a plastic bag holder! I can see myself making many more of these in the future in various color combinations. Not everyone has one so it would make the perfect gift! You can find the free pattern I used here.

I almost cant even believe I made all 4 of these things with only 2 skeins of yarn. It makes me want to do this challenge all over again and see what else I can do! 

Which makes me curious, have you ever tried anything like this? 
If you have what did you come up with?


  1. Nice .. I like that challenge. How many things can you make with 2 skeins of yarn? Hmmm... :)