Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chunky iPad Sleeve - Free Pattern

Do you ever find yourself with some chunky yarn and not know what to make with it? Sure you could do a hat or scarf, but how predictable is that? (not to mention I'm horrible at making hats)

So after searching and searching for something to make I decided to just make something of my own. I decided an iPad sleeve would be nice, something I can slip my iPad into and not have to worry about it getting bumped or scratched. The chunky yarn works perfect for this! It gives a lot more padding than your standard worsted weight yarn would.

The pattern is pretty simple, but I figured I'd share it anyways for those beginners that are looking for something quick and easy to make. You could easily resize this to fit a kindle, nook, or other tablet as well by chaining the width of your tablet instead of the recommended number of chains.

Chunky iPad Sleeve


2 skeins of chunky yarn in matching colors (or one of the same color)
I used Bernat Softee chunky yarn in Heather Grey and Hot Pink
  Size K crochet hook
A button
A yarn needle


Chain 20 (last 2 Ch counts as first DC)
Row 1: DC in 3rd Ch from hook and each Ch across. When you get to the end of your chain, start working on the opposite side and DC down. (I've included a picture in case I can't explain it correctly) Slip stitch to 2nd Ch to complete the round.
Rows 2-9: Ch2, DC in each stitch around. 
Row 10: switch color, Ch2, DC in each stitch around.
Rows 11-13: Ch2, DC in each stitch around.
Row 14: Ch1, SC in each stitch around.
Row 15: Turn your work, Sl st across to the middle of your sleeve. Ch14, sl st in same space. Finish off and weave in your ends.
Attach button, and enjoy!


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