Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plastic Bag Holder! Free Pattern Included

This plastic bag holder is awesome, I don't know why I didn't make one sooner! I like the handle on the top as it makes it easier to stuff bags in when you only have a second.

And the stripes make it even better and more customizable. 
I chose hot pink and grey mainly because they were the only colors I had quick access to (aka: already in my bedroom) and I really like how bright and cheery it looks!

You can find the free pattern I used here. I made a few minor adjustments from what the pattern says by using double crochet instead of single and doing my own thing with the color combo. The handle is 2 rows of single crochet slip stitched to the top. Super easy and makes a great gift too!


  1. the link to get the pattern leads to a ton of junk ads. WTH

    1. I know this is a way late response but...the pattern is there-you just have to keep scrolling down past the ads and junk. Also, if you look right under the picture of the grocery bag holder, in small print it has a link to print the pattern out. As of 8/7/16 the link works. If ever there comes a time when it doesn't just highlight the pattern and Paste in your fav document app, or highlight and select print text. Lastly, I used a 5.50 mm or I/9 hook to work the project. I hope this helps some fellow crochet hookers. Good bless!

  2. Totally agree. I had to write it down. You cant even find the free pattern already written. PITA. :-(

  3. What size hook did you use? The pattern didn't specify and I can't find a way to ask the author.