Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Going Mug Cozy Crazy!

Hey everyone! Have ya missed me?

Turns out, being 7 months pregnant, caring for a 1.5 year old, and moving into our first home (!!) definitely takes a toll on ones body! We've been moved in for about a month now, and am finally getting into a new, hopefully more organized, routine. My family is loving the space, the garden, and (my favorite part) the house is all on one level! No more running up and down with laundry or to bedrooms or anything. It may sound lazy, but I'm excited to put those days behind me. ;)

My son, Jude, enjoying our strawberry patch at the new house!

In the meantime, and after unpacking my yarn stash (which happened right when we moved in of course), I got to work on some small easy projects that I could gift or possibly sell. Mug cozies have always been my go-to project when I have some cotton and don't know what to do with it. They're functional, adorable, and everyone loves them! Here is the pattern I used for the mug cozies pictured. I'm also selling these in my Etsy shop!

My work in progress
The finished product!

I also made some can cozies since its summertime and you could always use a way to identify your soda/beer from the other 4 sitting on that picnic table over there. The can cozies also fit on cups from almost any fast food place, so the condensation doesn't get everywhere! Or am I the only one that has that problem? Here is the pattern for the can cozies! 

Now I have made quite a few more cozies since these pictures, so make sure you check my Facebook page to see what I'm working on daily! I promise to be back soon with some more goodies. (;

Heres a peek at what's to come! I've been on a bag kick lately. To the left is a medium sized clutch, and to the right is a larger clutch with a handle. Stay tuned!