Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Limitless Infinity Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern

Can you believe Christmas is only 4 days away?! I've been soaking in the Christmas cheer since November 1st, and I'm still not ready for it to end! Another reason for that could be because I'm SO behind on crocheting some Christmas gifts, I'm getting nervous!

So I took all of that nervous energy, and created this infinity scarf. I called it the Limitless Infinity scarf because it is so versatile, it has limited possibilities. The stitch is simple, and easy to work up. The end result is a comfy, cozy, stylish infinity scarf for yourself, or whoever is on your list!

This scarf features the extended single crochet, here is a video if you aren't familiar with it. It's very easy to get the hang of!

Limitless Infinity Scarf Pattern

Materials: Size I (5.50mm) Crochet Hook
               1 Skein Worsted Weight Yarn

CH - Chain
ST - Stitch
ESC - Extended Single Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stitch

Chain 206
Row 1: Join with slip stitch to first ch, being careful not to twist the chain. Ch 1, ESC in same st, ch1, skip 1 st, *ESC in next st, ch1, skip 1 st* Repeat ** Around, sl st to first ESC to complete the round.
Row 2: Ch1, ESC in same st, *ch1, skip 1 st, ESC in next st* Repeat** around, sl st to first ESC to complete the round
Rows 3- 15 (or however wide you want your scarf to be): Ch1, ESC in same st, *ch1, sk next st, ESC in next st* Repeat ** around and slip stitch to first ESC to complete each round. 
On your last row finish off and weave in the ends.

It really is that easy! Now put on your favorite TV show and get hookin'!

Feel free to leave me a comment telling me how you liked the pattern, or just to say hello! I love to hear from my readers out there.

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  1. I just finished making this scarf, and it turned out great! Thanks for the pattern!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Enjoy! I just finished a grey one myself (:

  2. I just started the scarf, so far I love the stitch, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love just sitting and hooking. I like this one. To cute.

  4. I haven't crocheted in over 30 years, but this pattern was easy to pick up and i have myself a cool scarf. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

  5. I made two of these for my BFF. One out of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Winery and one out of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Candied. It was so easy and fun! The recipient loved 'em! Is this pattern on Ravelry? I'm trying to add it to my notebook, but it's not coming up.

  6. Getting ready to try this out. It's looks awesome. I found some blue yarn by Lion Brand that I think is gonna make it look incredible. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. Love your scarf. From row 2 on are you crocheting the esc in the v space that the esc and chain one was made on previous row.