Monday, January 21, 2013

Where Have I Been?!

You know, I've been wanting to make a post for a really, really, long while. The only thing was, I felt I needed this amazing pattern (or even just a pattern..), and I still haven't come up with one. It was time for me to realize I don't need to have a reason for posting, it's my blog, I can do what I want! (; 

So instead of a pattern I figured I'd share with you all what I've been up to the past month. Now I do have a little explanation about why I haven't been blogging at all in 1 month (bad, bad self!). Halfway through December, I found out we are expecting our second child! Thrilled and excited, my head filled with tons of adorable baby things I could create.

Then the fatigue set in... and the nausea. When I was pregnant with my first, morning sickness was my biggest problem. I was nauseous all day and all night, and even had to receive fluids through an IV twice.

I kind of thought things would be the same this time around, only it was worse, way worse. See, now that I have a 1 year old to chase after, it's not so easy to spend the whole day throwing up. We started watching more and more TV (which I tried to limit before), and I started spending all day in bed.

The worst part was, the drugs that I had taken last time to combat the nausea (Zofran), had NO effect on my state. I was still sick as ever.

Now for the good news!
 After going to the ER twice, and being hospitalized the past 5 days, I'm feeling almost normal! Now that I'm properly hydrated and my electrolytes are as they should be, I can continue taking my medication and eating a simple diet and hopefully all will stay well.

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with Jude, as that is my number one priority these days. I've missed him so much, I feel like I need to make up for all the lost time!

I just don't want you guys to think I'm abandoning this blog (which let's face it.. I am). I have BIG plans for this place in the future. I just ask that you hang tight for a while. I really do have some awesome ideas for great free patterns.

In the mean time.. Here are some pictures of the things I've been working on this month!

I made myself a ribbed ear warmer, using this pattern, and I love the way the colors turned out! I wish I could remember the brand of yarn I had used, but I got it as a gift. 

While in the hospital, I made a few newborn hats to donate to the hospital for the new babies! I also got to work on a baby blanket, using this super easy pattern

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