Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Back In The Groove

With me being sick for a month straight, I didn't get to do much, if any, crochet! Luckily, I'm feeling a million times better, and have started to get back into the swing of things.

I haven't had the time or patience to sit down and read a new pattern, so I've just been working on some things I already know how to make off the top of my head. 

These headbands are truly addicting to make. I can usually make 2 or 3 from the start to finish of a Grey's Anatomy episode (yeah, i'm a little obsessed with that show). 

I started digging through my yarn bin(s) for some random colored yarn to work with, and I found this beautiful coral color! I can't help it, it makes me smile when I see it.

I tried to get some good pictures to show off the color, but it really doesn't do it justice.

I also got a request to make one in black. Not only did I make one in black, but I also made a grey one with a black flower. Perfect for those of you afraid of a little color (although I LOVE bright, random colors!).

I think adding a flower gives it that nice little touch, dont you? (;

You can find the pattern for the headband here. Or if you're too lazy to make it yourself or don't know how to crochet, pick one up for only $10 in my Etsy shop

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