Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Using Crochet In Every Day Life

Many people out there thing crocheting is just for grandmas. I can't even count the number of eyebrow raises I've gotten after saying "I crochet".
it seems like they're thinking "What are you, 80?" 

Then once I begin showing them my completed things, they almost always exclaim "make me one!"

What makes crochet fun for me is finding unique ways to use crochet in my daily life. Around my house you will see crochet everywhere. There's some hats by the door, a shawl on the couch, pot holders in the kitchen, wash cloths in the bathroom. Part of me feels a sense of accomplishment every time I use something I've made, and it feels good! Another part of me is all giddy about what I can come up with next!

So in case you're in a rut with crochet, here's a few unique ideas to use crochet in your every day life!

This is just a small example of many different things you can make! Not your typical hat/scarf/afghan now is it? (;


  1. oops! I tried some of your links and they were not right. I am looking for the toy hammock especially.

  2. Oops! I'll fix that right away. You'll be able to find the toy hammock on

  3. Somehow I missed this.. thanks for linking to my blog :) If you were trying to link to my hair elastic flower it's linked to my crochet yoga mat bag. The correct link for the hair elastic flower is.. Thanks again!! :D