Saturday, December 8, 2012

My FAVORITE Thing to Make!

Hey there Hookers! (;

I hope everyone who lives up north is enjoying the cool weather! We haven't had much snow here in CT, but it's the perfect time of year for me to break out my favorite headband!

I love this thing so much, I cant say enough about it. It keeps my ears warm, and it adds just a pop of color to whatever plain outfit I may be wearing that day. And lets face it, it's SUPER cute!

SO now I've convinced you to make one right?!
All you have to do is head on over to this blog. She will tell you where you can find the FREE patterns for both the headband and the flower.

I also created this FREE pattern for another ear warmer that I love to wear.

Still want the headband, but not sure you want to do all the work? Or just don't know how? Check out my Etsy shop! I happen to have a few for sale just because I love making them so much.


  1. I really like it! I might just have to make one! :)

  2. Whereis the pattern for the wide headbandyou have made everytime I click on the link you have posted it brings me right back to this page it's reallycute and I'd like to try make it I've made the others and they are pretty your very good. Thankyou