Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft Space Revamp!

In case you haven't heard, I'm not the neatest person in the world. So my craft space is ALWAYS messy. Everything has an order.. To me.. But I was sick of having to untangle yarn and search for the right hook I needed. So I decided it was time to revamp my space, and try and make it as user friendly as possible! 

Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration I was able to easily and affordably create this little nook in my basement for my yarn and crochet work. I still have a long way to go, but wanted to share a little peek of what I've done so far!

First thing I did was find this over the door shoe organizer at Target on clearance. The pockets are the perfect size for a full skein of yarn, and it holds them perfectly, ready for use! This might have been the best thing I've ever done. You could even hang it in your closet! :O
Then I bought some command hooks and made a sort of clothes line. This displays all my recently finished works and some of my favorite pieces. It helps me keep my motivation on days I don't feel productive. It also helps remind me of what I need to work on!

Then I used some baskets from the dollar store (my favorite place to shop!) and some collapsible storage cubes I had lying around and made a space for extra yarn. The baskets hold my WIP's, helping me to only keep 3 projects going at once (even though I usually have more anyway).

Then I found these metal buckets at Target for $1 each. I grabbed a few and used some of my extra command hooks to hang the buckets above my desk. I originally kept all my hooks, needles, and misc items in a coffee cup on my desk and a little dish, now they're easily accessible, and I still have desk space!
To help keep all my papers and magazines in one place, I grabbed this magazine holder from Big Lots for $2. It's way less intimidating than having a ton of papers stacked on my desk!

The last thing I did was organize the rest of my 'stash'. I'm guilty of getting halfway through something, or even finishing something, and just throwing it in a pile. If anyone wants a bunch of miscellaneous unfinished projects let me know! I've been saving it as scrap yarn, hoping I'll have time to do something with it one day (yeah right!).

So that's what I've accomplished so far. I really hope to get some more organization going on, but for now, this is great for me! If you don't already have a designated space for your crafts, find one! I started with this tiny desk in my basement, and it (embarrassingly) has evolved into my own little yarn sanctuary!


  1. cool
    LOL I use a shoe holder to hold school supplies lol
    stapler,tapes,glue sticks etc.

  2. I just love the clothes line clever of you!

  3. Great idea! I'm on the hunt for a hang-up shoe holder now!